Scott Bedgood

Scott Bedgood
Scott Bedgood is a freelance writer and the author of Lessons from Legends: 12 Hall of Fame Coaches on Leadership, Life, and Leaving a Legacy. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Sami.

New Thought Leader: Trent Shelton

By Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis, Jamie Friedlander and Scott Bedgood | February 4, 2020

Of all the things that don’t go particularly far on a résumé, running fast and catching footballs are skills that qualify you for one specific job. For Trent Shelton, fizzling out of the NFL in 2009 after three years of limited opportunities was some combination of humiliating and terrifying.

New Thought Leader: Jay Shetty

By Jamie Friedlander, Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis and Scott Bedgood | February 4, 2020

The search for wisdom and knowledge is no longer a solitary pursuit left to scholars or monks; it’s a global conversation, and Jay Shetty—a former monk, as it so happens—wants you to be just as much a part of it as he is.

Gary Vaynerchuk

New Thought Leader: Gary Vaynerchuk

By Jonny Auping, Jamie Friedlander, Cecilia Meis and Scott Bedgood | February 4, 2020

Known by many simply as “Gary Vee,” Gary Vaynerchuk, 44, has used his decades-long impact to motivate millions of people.

The Adventurer Begins

By Scott Bedgood | January 14, 2020

Alastair Humphreys, an acclaimed explorer, tackles his self-described midlife crisis.

5 am club

Will Joining the 5 AM Club Change Your Life?

By Scott Bedgood | August 26, 2019

The early bird gets the worm. But how does it taste? Our writer decides to test Robin Sharma’s 20/20/20 formula to find out.

Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain Has Crazy Dreams

By Scott Bedgood | July 29, 2019

An abundance-based life philosophy has this serial entrepreneur thinking big—really big.

The Abundance Mindset: Naveen Jain

The Abundance Mindset: A Jain Family Tradition

By Scott Bedgood | July 29, 2019

The ability to find solutions to problems and shoot for seemingly unobtainable goals has rubbed off on all three of Naveen Jain’s children.

Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Break Free

By Scott Bedgood | September 25, 2017

3 easy steps to get out of a rut

9 Ways to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

By Scott Bedgood | August 30, 2017

Use these tips to get the best night’s rest.

The Underlying Forces Behind Boyz II Men’s Success

By Scott Bedgood | February 20, 2016

What made the Grammy Award-winning group so successful? Humility, teamwork and optimism.