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Paul Allen Is No Second Act

By Sally Deneen | January 28, 2009

Paul Allen wears a big beard in the old photo. Bill Gates looks like he’s 15. Standing behind them are nine colleagues dressed in tieless plaid shirts or other informal attire in an era when Brooks Brothers suits signified business success. “Microsoft 1978,” the caption says, adding, “Would you have invested?” That little company, of…

Making a Difference – Invisible Children

By Sally Deneen | January 6, 2009

Three young guys in Southern California buy a used camera on eBay and make a decision that s

Success Stories – Helen Gurley Brown

By Sally Deneen | October 3, 2008

Originally Published October 2008

An elevator tragedy launched Helen Gurle

Small Business, Big (Green) Tips

By Sally Deneen | September 3, 2008

Nature photographer Clyde Butcher knows that greening a business can save green, as in cash. Electricity bills at his Big Cypress Gallery in sun-washed southern Florida have dropped 60 percent-from $360 to $150 a month. He did it by changing light bulbs, specifically replacing his hot-burning 50-watt halogen bulbs with special 7-watt L.E.D. bulbs that…

Greening Your Business

By Sally Deneen | August 26, 2008

A surprising thing happened after David Bach moved his family into New York City’s first green residential tower, The Solaire, which features views of the Hudson River, filtered fresh air pumped into each apartment and rooftop solar panels that prompted a tour by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After he and his family moved in, Bach’s allergies went…

The Silent Epidemic

By Sally Deneen | July 1, 2008

Every 26 seconds, another teen drops out of public high school and forfeits $1 million in earnin

Agents of Change

By Sally Deneen | May 6, 2008

Roberto Velez used to work nights cleaning jets at JFK Airport. The work was hard,