Rhys Jack

Rhys Jack
Rhys Jack is an Australian-based writer, speaker and strategic adviser. He utilizes his experiences in a range of fields, including professional sports, large-scale construction projects, property development and mental health research, to provide his observations on topics including leadership, men’s health and well-being, project strategy and personal productivity.

His work has been used in a variety of publications and featured on TV and radio programs across Australia. From trekking the infamous WWII-used Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, to rebuilding communities in war-effected Sri Lanka and training the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu around the world, Rhys’ focus is on finding balance while experiencing a great life.

What Is a Great Legacy?

By Rhys Jack | May 15, 2018

What matters most if you want to leave a positive legacy is that you help people. 

life lessons

20 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

By Rhys Jack | April 17, 2018

Many of these lessons were learned the hard way, by my own mistakes; some of them I was lucky to have a friend or mentor to show me the way; but all of them were important in some way because they helped shape who I am now.

How Running Helps Me Be a Better Version of Myself

By Rhys Jack | November 23, 2017

Every run is a metaphor for the transformative process. The only way to the other side is to take it step by step.

Why Introspection Is So Important for a Balanced Life

By Rhys Jack | November 3, 2017

No yin without yang, no growth without challenge.