Patti Johnson

Patti Johnson
Patti Johnson is a career and workplace expert and the CEO of PeopleResults, a change and human resources consulting firm she founded in 2004. Previously, she was a senior executive at Accenture and has been recently featured as an expert in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, NBC, Money Magazine and Working Mother. Patti is also an instructor for SMU Executive Education and a keynote speaker on “Leading Change.” Her first book, Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work & in Life, hit shelves in May 2014. Visit her website at

How Do You Inspire Confidence From Others? Do These 5 Things to Be a Go-To Person

By Patti Johnson | January 25, 2016

Inspiring confidence relies on honoring commitments and partnership—doing the things you say you’ll do.

Get Your Mind Right: 5 Tips for Untangling Your Can’t-Do Mindset

By Patti Johnson | December 16, 2015

I often ask my clients, “If anything will get in your way, what will it be?” It’s an important question, especially at this time of year. Holidays can be both joyful and complicated. Expectations are high. We can feel tangled and conflicted. We daydream things like, The holidays will be perfect! Our family will enjoy…

‘Tis (Almost) the Season! Remember These 8 Tips to Make Sure You’re Spending Your Energy on What Matters Most

By Patti Johnson | November 13, 2015

If you are juggling work with family priorities and expectations for “the perfect holiday,” here are ideas for making this year different.


Dear Boss: 8 Things I Want You to Know (But Won’t Tell You)

By Patti Johnson | October 16, 2015

Leading isn’t easy. Regardless of your title as a leader or a boss or a manager, you have to get work done through other people. You ask yourself things like: What do I need from them? What do they need from me? How do I keep everyone motivated? You can start by making sure small…


Starting a New Chapter in Life? Here Are 7 Ways to Make the Change Positive

By Patti Johnson | September 18, 2015

It happened. As a mom, it’s the day you’ve always anticipated, the one that feels like it will never really come. But it does—and it did. It’s the college drop-off. We took our son to college two weeks ago, and as we moved him in, I busied myself with unpacking, room setup and a bulletin…

Fake It and 5 Other Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt

By Patti Johnson | August 21, 2015

Others will treat you as you expect to be treated. We make the decision to give our power away.


6 Tips to Be a More Confident Speaker

By Patti Johnson | July 31, 2015

Did you know almost 75 percent of us suffer from some anxiety about public speaking? Research says so. So you can probably relate to this question I received after speaking to a lively group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “How can I be more comfortable as a speaker? I’m never as confident as I’d like to be.”…

7 Survival Tactics for When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

By Patti Johnson | June 26, 2015

Work can be stressful and overwhelming—even in jobs we love. Add in personal pressures, and work challenges can feel much bigger than they really are. We can pretend that our professional and personal lives are in two distinct compartments, but life doesn’t work that way. We are one person—and work and personal always overlap. Last…

15 Ways to Make Your Life Better This Summer

By Patti Johnson | May 29, 2015

Summer is finally here! The sun is out longer, school is on a break (or maybe summer hours start) and life is full of possibilities. Are you taking advantage of it? Here are some ideas for making this summer the best one yet: 1. Check in on your 2015 goals. You are five months into…

4 Career Lessons from Famous Faces

By Patti Johnson | May 18, 2015

What is it about celebrities? Why do fans die to know about their relationships (He’s dating who?), vacations (They went where?) and fashion choices (She wore what?)? It’s getting out of hand. In fact, California recently outlawed the paparazzi from using drones to take celebrity photographs. Why do we care? On most days, I find…