Minda Honey

Minda Honey
In her 20s, Minda Honey wore business casual and sold smartphones and mop buckets. She plans on spending her 30s writing about what happened after 5 p.m.

4 Ways to Hustle Even When Times Are Good

By Minda Honey | October 12, 2017

If you’re flush with clients right now, maybe it’s time to level up your goals.

Listen: There Is No Shame in a Day Job

By Minda Honey | August 9, 2017

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and that’s OK.

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The 3 Successful People You Need to Have in Your Corner

By Minda Honey | July 18, 2017

They can help you realize your career potential and get you there faster.

Women: Know Your Worth in the Workplace

By Minda Honey | March 8, 2017

The moment I stopped settling for less gave me the greatest freedom of my life.