Megan Nicole O'Neal

Megan Nicole O'Neal
Megan Nicole O’Neal is a UCLA alum and public relations specialist with a passion for storytelling and a firm belief that only the right photo is worth 1,000 words. An avid adventurist, she’s traveled to five different continents, all on an endless quest to find the world’s greatest cup of coffee. Megan currently works at in the PR department for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Los Angeles. Connect with Megan on Twitter at @megan_n_oneal or her website
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8 Podcast Episodes to Help Us Keep Learning and Progressing Toward Racial Equality

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | July 30, 2020

Together we can impact positive changes if we’re willing to listen, learn and put in the work.

The Inspirational Ways Small Businesses Are Spreading Hope in Times of COVID-19

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | May 7, 2020

Small business owners across the nation are absorbing the financial brunt of this virus, and in the face of ‘unprecedented uncertainty,’ they’ve actively chosen to lead with compassion and inspire hope, even from a distance.

The Secret to Staying Motivated During This Pandemic

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | April 24, 2020

These are unprecedented times. At least that’s what every email from each corporation I’ve ever thought of frequenting has said. Unprecedented times. A time of uncertainty. Of stress, of isolation. As control of what used to be “normal” slips through our over-washed fingertips, it’s tempting to let other things slide through the cracks, as well.…

31 Women’s Empowerment Anthems to Blast on Repeat

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | March 8, 2020

On International Women’s Day, let these songs remind you of how truly fierce, strong and wonderful you and your fellow women are.

The Exponential Impact of Random Acts of Kindness

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | February 11, 2020

Even the smallest gestures can spark powerful and lasting change. This Random Acts of Kindness Week (and beyond), let’s all remember to be kind to one another.

21 Gift Ideas for Personal Development Junkies

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | December 9, 2019

Give the gift of self-improvement this holiday season and help your friends and family live their best life in 2020.

How Artists Tap Into Their Elusive Creative Process

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | September 4, 2019

Creativity is not something you turn on or off. It is intangible—an extension of yourself. Learn how other artists tap into their creative process so you can tap into yours.

Are You Being Mindful of Your Mindset?

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | June 27, 2019

If what you put into the world stems from how you look at the world, make sure your current mindset matches the legacy you want to leave behind.

8 Self-Improvement Books to Devour This Summer

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | June 21, 2019

Poolside or not, this summer reading list will inspire and surely brighten your personal development.

What It Means to ‘Meet Yourself Where You’re At’

By Megan Nicole O'Neal | May 7, 2019

Meeting yourself where you’re at is sitting in the uncomfortable feelings of grief or anger, and instead of asking those feelings to go away, asking them why they’ve decided to stay.