Matt Fore

Matt Fore
Matt Fore is a speaker, humorist, entertainer and sleight-of-hand artist who entertains regularly for banquets and conferences around the country. He has spoken for such companies as Aflac, GE, TIAA CREF and Sodexho Marriott. His topics include “The Power of Effective Communication,” and “Humor in Health.” Matt has performed for Carnival Cruise Lines and at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and has appeared on several national TV shows including The Crook & Chase Show on TNN and Swan’s Place on Odyssey. He is the author of two books, The Five Essential Elements: A Simplified Road to Success and The Truth Shall Make You Laugh. He hosts his own TV show out of Nashville, Tennessee by the same name.

waystostaypositivewhenyourehavingabadday 1

5 Ways to Stay Positive When You’re Having a Bad Day

By Matt Fore | November 29, 2016

Bad days are inevitable. How you respond will determine your success.

Where Dreams Go When They Die

By Matt Fore | October 3, 2016

When true callings are killed, they bury themselves deep in the soul only to emerge stronger, more mature and better equipped to succeed than before.

Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do to Feel Happy

5 Ridiculously Easy Things You Can Do Every Day to Feel Happy

By Matt Fore | July 5, 2016

Take back control and do what is in the best interest of your mental well-being.