Lain Ehmann

Lain Ehmann
Bestselling author and content strategist Lain Ehmann specializes in helping entrepreneurs uncover hidden profits and potential – FAST. Her superpower is X-ray vision: she’ll see into your unique situation and design strategies to get the results you want as quickly as possible. Get in the #FastLain at

5 Ways to Turn Mental Challenges Into Unstoppable Strengths

By Lain Ehmann | June 20, 2017

No. 1: Stop feeling like there is something wrong with you.

3 Myths That Are Killing Your Productivity (and What to Do Instead)

By Lain Ehmann | July 7, 2016

Morning emailers, night owls and multitaskers, rejoice!

The 3 Types of Procrastination and How to Beat It

By Lain Ehmann | June 22, 2016

Before you can prevent your delaying tactics, you must understand where it’s coming from.