Kris Duggan

Kris Duggan
Kris Duggan is the CEO and co-founder of BetterWorks, an enterprise goals platform trusted by high-performing companies to engage, empower and cross-functionally align their workforces. BetterWorks drives companies to become operationally excellent and provides powerful insights about how work gets done.

4 Personal Development Goals You Should Be Setting

By Kris Duggan | August 9, 2016

No. 1: Determine what ‘crushing it’ means to you.

6 Signs of Job Burnout

By Kris Duggan | June 6, 2016

Can you tell when your high performers are dissatisfied?

How Managers Fail at Feedback: What Millennial Employees Really Want

By Kris Duggan | May 6, 2015

Most companies miss the mark when it comes to providing feedback. In fact, more than half of companies still rely on annual goal-setting, with progress check-ins falling few and far between, as their primary roadmap for progression. That’s not good enough. All generations crave feedback, not just millennials, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics…