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Kieran Flanagan

Kieran Flanagan
A behavioral researcher and strategist, author, educator and corporate coach, Kieran Flanagan is one of the only female creative directors in the world of “Mad Men” and has won awards around the world for creativity and effectiveness. Kieran is a TEDx Sydney partner and speaks to audiences including the UN in Singapore and Coca-Cola. She is a passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and a return to more human engagement, cultures and leadership.

7 Ways to Lead People Who Don’t Want to Be Led

By Kieran Flanagan | May 19, 2016

Stop obsessing over how things get done. Worry more about what gets done.

7 Corporate Jargon Words You Should Stop Using Now

By Kieran Flanagan | April 7, 2016

These business buzzwords need to be left at the office door.

The Jerk Advantage—Do You Have It?

By Kieran Flanagan | November 30, 2015

Jerks stand for something better and bigger and bolder. They change things. And they don’t care if you like them.

3 Ways to Be More Likeable at Work

By Kieran Flanagan | November 3, 2015

It’s not always the smartest person who does the best—sometimes it’s the person that brings out the best in others.

Is Self-Help Making You Feel Worse?

By Kieran Flanagan | October 15, 2015

Isn’t personal development or self-help meant to inspire us so that we can make our lives better? It’s supposed to motivate us, but does it? That’s a question we sometimes face in the self-improvement industry, where the difference between where we are and where we want to be looks so stark sometimes, it ends up…

4 Stand-Up Ways to Get People’s Attention

By Kieran Flanagan | August 11, 2015

Everybody loves a good joke, right? Sure. Until it’s not funny anymore. Even your guaranteed hit, the joke you could tell anywhere on any night and people would laugh, is not invincible forever. Unlike music, no one wants to hear your greatest hits more than once. You have to constantly write new material, while retiring…


How to Sell Yourself, Without Being a Slimy Salesperson

By Kieran Flanagan | June 18, 2015

Sales is a four-letter word—that’s what you’re thinking, right? There is scarcely a culture in the world that doesn’t regard the idea of selling as a little icky. But in truth we are all practicing that four-letter word—in every area of our lives. Leaders are selling their ideas to the board, their staff and the…

4 Tips for Working with People Who Couldn’t Care Less about Their Job

By Kieran Flanagan | June 11, 2015

Gallup’s latest workplace engagement study says 20 percent of people are actively disengaged in the work they do and that at least 50 percent are not engaged whatsoever. For the less mathematically inclined, that equates to, at most, a mere 30-percent engagement. Now, many Type A personalities who define themselves through work (as most leaders…

Why We Need Work-Life Blending, Not Balance

By Kieran Flanagan | June 3, 2015

People seem rather fixated on the notion of work-life balance, yet it really is an old-school concept. Before the arrival of technology, our work lives and home lives were separated. We counted the time we spent in both, attempting to achieve balance much like you would on a set of scales. The problem is that…

Dreading Your Next To-Do?

By Kieran Flanagan | May 19, 2015

In an effort to achieve more, one of the traps we fall into is spending a greater amount of time on the things we are good at and, perhaps more importantly, the things we like. We are wired with a bias toward things that make us feel good. But in taking this approach, we can…