Kelsey Humphreys

Kelsey Humphreys
Kelsey Humphreys is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and host of success talk show The Pursuit. When she's not interviewing the mega-successful, speaking at events or writing about the journey to success, you'll find her creating her popular motivational Quick Pep Talk videos.  

The Pursuit: 10 Lessons on Becoming the King of Your Industry

By Kelsey Humphreys | December 9, 2016

There is talent, there is achievement, there is success, and then there is Larry King: Peabody-winning, Emmy-nominated, 10-time CableACE Award-winning television and radio host. King’s story is the stuff of legends. An unknown kid from Brooklyn who got his start cleaning floors at a radio station, changed his name, occasionally jumped on the air when…

The Pursuit: Glennon Doyle Melton on How to Change the World With Your Story

By Kelsey Humphreys | November 25, 2016

If you’re a writer, artist, creator or influencer of any kind, or maybe even just a participant in the world of social media, you feel the pressure. The pressure to be authentic and transparent to tell our story and tell it well. It’s almost as if all creators now need to be memoirists. We have…

The Pursuit: 5 Steps to Create Your Dream Career, the Jon Acuff Way

By Kelsey Humphreys | September 7, 2016

Author and speaker Jon Acuff has created quite a remarkable career for himself, much of which he’s documented on his blog and in multiple New York Times best-selling books. To read his work is to read through his life: In Quitter, he quit his corporate career to follow his dream; in Start, he launched his…

The Tony Robbins Trick to Push Past Complacency

By Kelsey Humphreys | August 31, 2016

The world doesn’t need more comfortable bystanders, drifting on autopilot.

The Pursuit: 4 Secrets to Choose the Good Life, the James Altucher Way

By Kelsey Humphreys | August 3, 2016

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, podcaster and author of 17 books, including the Wall Street Journal best-seller The Power of No and Choose Yourself! He has founded or co-founded more than 20 businesses, including Reset Inc. and StockPickr, which he later sold for $10 million each. A prolific writer, Altucher has been blogging since 2010…

5 Tips to Ignite Your Success, From the ‘Entrepreneur On Fire’ Himself

By Kelsey Humphreys | December 2, 2015

Do something big. Here’s how, according to John Lee Dumas.

Lewis Howes Gets Real With 4 Tips to Do What You Love Full Time

By Kelsey Humphreys | November 18, 2015

A lesson from ‘The School of Greatness’ on how to live your ideal lifestyle

‘How to Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World’

By Kelsey Humphreys | November 4, 2015

Best-selling author Bob Goff’s 4 tips to get to the ‘do’ part of life

How Al Roker Kept His Morning Show Job All These Years: Hard Work and No Complaints

By Kelsey Humphreys | October 21, 2015

It was fitting that my interview with Al Roker was initially canceled on account of the weather (Hurricane Joaquin was stealing the thunder). Luckily, though, the tropical cyclone slowed down enough for America’s favorite weatherman to sit down to discuss his storied career with success. People love Al Roker. He joined NBC’s Today Show in…

Seth Godin Is Full of Ideas; Here’s 4 of Them for Linchpin Success

By Kelsey Humphreys | October 7, 2015

Seth Godin is full of ideas. Millions of people have read his work, among them Unleashing the Ideavirus, Linchpin, Permission Marketing and We Are All Weird—just a few of 18 (yes, 18) international best-sellers. And it makes sense, because he’s a marketing guru, an expert on how to spread ideas. He is the man behind…