Josh Ellis

Josh Ellis
Josh Ellis is the editor in chief for SUCCESS magazine. Before joining SUCCESS in 2012, he was an accomplished digital and print sportswriter, working for the Dallas Cowboys Star magazine, the team’s gameday program, and Originally from Longview, Texas, he began writing for his hometown newspaper at 16.

What Really Matters to Me

By Josh Ellis | August 8, 2017

When you have a great team, you don’t have to worry because you know that if something happens, they have everything under control.

Adam Braun on Discovering What You Are Meant to Accomplish

By Josh Ellis | August 3, 2017

The average pencil holds enough lead for approximately 40,000 words. While a young Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise, was traveling abroad, he learned just how happy a pencil and paper—with all the potential they can hold—can make a child. SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis sits down with Braun to hear how he’s changing the education landscape and the importance of piroritizing growth outside of your comfort zone.

Why My Philosophy Is to ‘Just Do Good’

By Josh Ellis | July 11, 2017

Our August 2017 cover guy Simon Sinek says instead of complaining about generational differences, learn how to overcome them through empathy.

Embrace the Power Within You

By Josh Ellis | June 13, 2017

We all have our convictions. But as I see it, the most important belief any of can hold is that we are doing our best.

Michael Shermer on Why We Should Be Skeptics

By Josh Ellis | June 8, 2017

Are you a believer or a skeptic? Maybe you’re a cynic. A professional skeptic, Michael Shermer says belief is nuanced and situational. SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis and Shermer sit down to discuss his latest book, Skeptic: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye, why skepticism doesn’t come naturally and why absolute truths are dangerous—believe it or not.

Bishop T.D. Jakes on Going Against the Odds

By Josh Ellis | May 25, 2017

Exposed to entrepreneurship as a child, Bishop T.D. Jakes didn’t know he wanted to be a preacher, but he always knew he would forge his own path. Now the founder of the Potter’s House church in Dallas, “America’s Best Preacher” is transforming the lives of thousands across the globe. In this interview with SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis, Jakes touches on self-belief through difficult times, effectiveness and raising the standards of a “good life.”

Jordan Harbinger on How Opportunity Lies Over the Horizon

By Josh Ellis | May 18, 2017

Growing up, Jordan Harbinger wasn’t the smartest kid in the class. He received good grades, but most of his success was based on charm. Flash forward a few decades and Harbinger has transformed that charm and understanding of relationships into a thriving business and popular podcast, The Art of Charm. Ellis and Harbinger chat about the importance of soft skills, the misunderstood aspects of networking and the underestimated importance of the first impression.

Steven Kotler on Next-Level Thinking and Focus

By Josh Ellis | May 11, 2017

Most people have experienced a state of flow at least once—that wonderfully productive feeling of being “in the zone” where time seems to pass without measure. But how can you put yourself in a state of flow on command rather than by chance? That’s exactly what Steven Kotler, best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project, writes about in his latest book, Stealing Fire. In this science-packed interview with SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis, Kotler uncovers what keeps us from entering flow and the 20 known triggers that can lead to a state of flow.


None of Us Face the Same Journey, but We All Have Somewhere to Be

By Josh Ellis | May 9, 2017

This is the Movement Issue of SUCCESS. Get going wherever the road takes you.

Dave Ramsey on Life’s Lessons Hard Earned

Dave Ramsey on Life’s Lessons Hard Earned

By Josh Ellis | April 27, 2017

You can wander into debt but you can’t wander out. So says Dave Ramsey, the immensely popular radio talk show host, best-selling author, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and personal finance expert. Creating financial peace of mind takes dedication and getting brutally honest with yourself. In this interview with SUCCESS Editor-in-Chief Josh Ellis, Ramsey details the dangers of debt, the difference between money and wealth, and why smart personal finance is only 20 percent knowledge and 80 percent behavior.