Jonny Auping

Jonny Auping
Jonny Auping is a freelance writer based in Dallas.

Payal Kadakia: 4 Steps to Perfecting the Pivot

By Jonny Auping | October 6, 2020

How the ClassPass founder made flexibility part of her company’s DNA

Simon Sinek: Building an Infinite Mindset

By Jonny Auping | July 20, 2020

The leadership expert says the key to business significance and ultimate success is to think in infinite terms.

more productive working from home

How Working From Home Can Make You More Productive

By Jonny Auping | April 27, 2020

What are the advantages of working from home, now that no one is watching you work?

cool side hustles

9 Cool Side Hustles

By Jonny Auping | April 8, 2020

Meet nine people who have started up their own fun and interesting solopreneur ventures and find out how you can do the same.

coming together during a pandemic

How to Come Together Without Being Together During This Pandemic

By Jonny Auping | March 17, 2020

The spirit of coming together isn’t actually to stand face to face with one another. It’s helping people affected by a crisis. Let’s make a difference where we can.

The New Thought Leaders: 12 People Who Can Lead You to Your Brightest Future

By Jonny Auping, Scott Bedgood, Jamie Friedlander and Cecilia Meis | February 4, 2020

This eclectic mix of authors, speakers, podcasters and social media savants are using new methods to teach the timeless lessons that can guide you to a happier, more successful tomorrow.

New Thought Leader: Gabrielle Bernstein

By Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis, Scott Bedgood and Jamie Friedlander | February 4, 2020

Like so many in the genre, Bernstein’s success is built on her own story. Her rock bottom led her on a path to find happiness and contentment within.

Tom Bilyeu

New Thought Leader: Tom Bilyeu

By Scott Bedgood, Cecilia Meis, Jonny Auping and Jamie Friedlander | February 4, 2020

For a self-proclaimed lazy person, Tom Bilyeu sure has a lot of irons in the fire. The co-founder of Impact Theory ( and Quest Nutrition, is a highly sought speaker within the personal development and empowerment community.

New Thought Leader: Brendon Burchard

By Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis, Scott Bedgood and Jamie Friedlander | February 4, 2020

“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” This phrase would eventually become part of his life motto and a key piece of everything he would do in the future.

Rachel Cruze

New Thought Leader: Rachel Cruze

By Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis, Jamie Friedlander and Scott Bedgood | February 4, 2020

Rachel Cruze says that people fall into the trap of seeing financial troubles as hopeless, and she wants to reinsert hope back into their lives.