Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn

Rohn: How to Make Magic With a Rose and a Milkshake

By Jim Rohn | February 12, 2017

What is a good lifestyle, really? It’s style over amount. So what is style? It’s an art, the art of living. You can’t buy style with money, and you can’t buy good taste with money. You can only buy more with money. Lifestyle is culture—the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays and…

Rohn: Wherever You Are, Be There

By Jim Rohn | February 5, 2017

Once we master the art of being, we open the door to a lifetime of happiness.

Rohn: Why You Need Discipline to Achieve the Good Life

By Jim Rohn | January 29, 2017

We spend our lives gathering knowledge, skills and experiences. But what are we doing with it?

Rohn: 5 Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

By Jim Rohn | January 22, 2017

Anything is possible in the 24 hours we’re given each day.

Rohn: 3 Keys to Becoming Wealthy

By Jim Rohn | January 15, 2017

Plan for tomorrow instead of living for today.

Rohn: Better Is Something You Become

By Jim Rohn | January 8, 2017

Your life will change when you do.

Rohn: How to Create a Master Plan for Your Life

By Jim Rohn | January 1, 2017

Everything you do is a link in the chain of events that will lead you to your final destination.

Rohn: Sharing Makes You Bigger Than You Are

Rohn: Sharing Makes You Bigger Than You Are

By Jim Rohn | December 25, 2016

The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in.

Rohn: Why Successful Habits Breed Success

By Jim Rohn | December 18, 2016

Your successes fuel your ambition. And they pave the way for more successes.

Rohn: What Basketball Can Teach Us About Responsibility

By Jim Rohn | December 11, 2016

‘Responsibility is the price of greatness.’ —Winston Churchill