Jesus Jimenez

Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez is the managing editor for SUCCESS magazine after working as social media coordinator and associate editor. He eats, breathes and sleeps Texas Rangers baseball. He also enjoys running, traveling and buying cool socks. 

5 Everyday Ways to Practice Positive Self-Talk

By Jesus Jimenez | January 4, 2018

Everything is going to be OK.

2017 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Demi Lovato

By Jesus Jimenez | January 2, 2018 young award-winning singer-songwriter shines a much-needed light on mental illness.

2017 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: J.J. Watt

By Jesus Jimenez | January 2, 2018

The Houston Texans’ defensive end raised an incredible amount of money for Hurricane Harvey relief.

5 Ways to Spur Creativity

By Jesus Jimenez | December 28, 2017

How to balance creativity and work

6 Qualities of Valuable People

By Jesus Jimenez | December 14, 2017

What do you value most in others?

5 Expert Tips to Simplify Your Goals

By Jesus Jimenez | December 7, 2017

How do you measure your progress? 

5 Thoughtful Tips for a Balanced Life

By Jesus Jimenez | November 30, 2017

Where are you spending your energy?

How I Practice Gratitude on a Regular Basis

By Jesus Jimenez | November 23, 2017

Every morning I do a breathing meditation based on Wim Hof’s method. This kind of breathing hyper-oxygenates the blood so that when you pause between rounds, you don’t have to breathe at all, and you’re able to sit in extraordinary stillness. It’s a moment when you can really see your own thoughts and feelings happening…

Why You’ve Got to Put Your Phone Down—Seriously

By Jesus Jimenez | November 1, 2017

Social media can steal your memory. Find out how to cut back on screen time, just a little.

How to Inspire Others to Find Meaning in Their Lives

By Jesus Jimenez | October 26, 2017

Every individual life has intrinsic meaning.