Jennifer Goforth Gregory

Jennifer Goforth Gregory

How to Be More Empathetic in Conversations

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | July 8, 2015

Empathy typically isn’t a trait that springs to mind when you think of professional relationships. But Gail Gross, Ph.D., a family, relationship and child development expert and the host of the PBS radio show Let’s Talk, says empathy is the most important characteristic for relationships, whether at work or with family members or friends. “If…

Too Good at Holding Grudges? Get Better at Letting Them Go

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | April 21, 2015

It’s easy to take rejection personally. But this often leads to holding a grudge or to frustration toward the person that turned you down—especially for salespeople, who’ll inevitably be told “no” from time to time. Holding a grudge can damage an otherwise positive relationship, but even worse, it can have negative effects on your own…


3 Practical Tips to Become a Thought Leader

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | September 26, 2014

You’ve most likely heard the term thought leader tossed around in conversations or even read it in this magazine. But exactly how do you become a person whose unique ideas on a subject can influence an entire industry or community? Related: 3 Life Lessons That Helped Me Become a Better Leader Dan Rockwell of the “Leadership…

3 Tips to Networking via LinkedIn Groups

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | July 17, 2014

You most likely belong to several LinkedIn groups—alumni groups, professional societies, bands of colleagues local to you. But are you actively using this opportunity to make connections that can further your industry and career? Here are the crucial pointers to getting the most out of LinkedIn’s online cocktail mixer: › Focus on the right groups.…

Do You Walk Away From Stress?

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | June 27, 2014

A recent study by the University of Colorado shows that entrepreneurs’ psychological well-being (PWB) is directly affected by their stress-coping mechanism—whether they handle problems right away or initially avoid them. During the study, 156 business owners discussed their most stressful recent work situations and described their response. Perhaps surprisingly, experienced entrepreneurs showed an increase in…

Busy at Work? You Can Still Put Family First

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | May 29, 2014

When you work for yourself, there are times you must leave the house before dawn and come back after your family is fast asleep. But with a little creativity, you can stay connected even when work consumes your waking hours. Some ideas: • If you have to work late, have your family pack a picnic…

3 Tips for Scheduling Social Media

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | March 26, 2014

Each time you log onto Facebook or Twitter, it always takes longer than you think it will to conjure up the perfect post or tweet to promote your business. By scheduling social posts using tools such as HootSuite, you can save time and coordinate across your networks. Here are three tips to effectively schedule social…

3 Tips for Hiring a Business Coach

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory | March 5, 2014

Have you considered hiring a coach, but not made the call? If so, you are not alone. Stanford University’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey found that two in three CEOs are not using a business trainer, but almost all would be open to one’s advice. Bill Zipp, executive coach and president of Leadership Link, offers three…