Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., Certified Speaking Professional, is a best-selling author and global keynote speaker who is known as the “Champion of Introverts.” In addition to her latest book, The Genius of Opposites, she has written two best-selling books about introverts (Quiet Influence and The Introverted Leader). Jennifer has worked with hundreds of organizations including GE, CNN, NASA and the CDC. She is a highly regarded faculty member of the American Management Association and has been featured in Forbes, TIME, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal. Jennifer’s commitment to introverts started the day she married one. Since then, she’s helped organizations value the introverts on their teams and coached introverted individuals to step confidently into leadership positions.

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Introvert and extrovert opposites, working together, can accomplish great things. Throughout history, odd couples have launched brilliant new products, created great works of art and changed history together. Think Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and the Wright brothers. But while these high-performing duos have the illusion of being effortlessly well…