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Jeff Sullivan

Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan is the editorial director at Panini America and a columnist for Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. He lives in Arlington, Texas.

SUCCESS Foundation: In the Driver’s Seat

By Jeff Sullivan | May 28, 2017

SUCCESS for Teens empowers a Utah teenager to chase his dreams.

SUCCESS Foundation: Worldly Inspiration

By Jeff Sullivan | April 2, 2017

With the help of our personal development program, California teenagers are making new strides.

SUCCESS Foundation: Joint Initiative

By Jeff Sullivan | December 24, 2016

A group of California students use SUCCESS for Teens to impact younger peers.

What You Can Learn About Making Decisions From a Baseball Umpire

By Jeff Sullivan | October 18, 2016

Many elements of a game ride on the split-second judgments of an umpire—these calls can affect a game, a season and even an entire career.

‘We Wanted to Create an Outlet for People to Show Their Passion for Books’

By Jeff Sullivan | October 15, 2016

Two entrepreneurs try on an untapped fan market.

Save Opportunity

By Jeff Sullivan | September 17, 2016

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer’s efforts go beyond the mound.

Good Sports Is Leveling the Youth Sports Playing Field

By Jeff Sullivan | September 3, 2016

‘We don’t care what kids are playing, just as long as they play and stay active.’

How the LifePlanner Came to Be

By Jeff Sullivan | July 23, 2016

Erin Condren launched a paper goods empire from her Los Angeles garage.

Sock It to ‘Em: Keeping Feet Warm, One City at a Time

By Jeff Sullivan | April 23, 2016

‘Giving back has looked slightly different in each city, but we always try to make the biggest impact.’