JD Dolan

JD Dolan
JD Dolan is a principal and co-founder of LDR, a growth and innovation advisory firm. Dolan focuses on helping leadership teams and organizations navigate disruptive change and develop future strategies for transformational growth. As a former U.S. Special Operations Strike Force commander, JD has led initiatives to introduce U.S. Special Operations methodologies in innovation, problem-solving, and leadership to startups and multibillion-dollar enterprises. JD earned a Bachelor of Arts from Dickinson College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University Business School.

4 Leadership Lessons From Gen. George Marshall

4 Leadership Lessons From a World War II General

By JD Dolan | May 27, 2019

The pivotal World War II U.S. Gen. George Marshall is a tremendous inspiration to many of history’s greatest U.S. military leaders.