Jane Musgrave

Jane Musgrave
Jane Musgrave has worked for various newspapers for 30 years, including The Palm Beach Post, her current employer.


4 Inspirational Stories of People Who Used Their Personal Struggles to Help Others

By Jane Musgrave | November 8, 2015

‘We all experience positive emotions as a result of doing something altruistic and compassionate.’

The Shula Legacy

By Jane Musgrave | January 1, 2015

The National Football League season is winding down. The best teams are separating themselves. A champion will soon be crowned. Legends hang in the balance, daring to take their place with those of long ago. Don Shula is a true football icon now above the fray, a conquering general who long since retired. Almost two…

This ‘Brilliant Bus’ Is In Motion for Change

By Jane Musgrave | December 14, 2014

Sixteen third-graders file into the wondrous classroom and plop into their seats. Computers are tantalizingly within reach, but the kids know not to touch them until vital preliminaries are addressed. “Good morning, boys and girls,” Estella Pyfrom calls out. “Good morning!” the children yell back in unison. The high-pitched chorus, while deafening, is nothing compared to…

Jack Welch: Straight from the Gut

By Jane Musgrave | June 15, 2014

When you’re edging toward 80 and you’ve already revolutionized the business world, it’s clearly time to relax. But instead of kicking back, Jack Welch, the revered CEO at the helm of General Electric for 20 years, has reinvented himself again. While his contemporaries—and, let’s face it, even people half his age—are often bewildered and bedeviled…

Jack Welch’s Success Secrets

By Jane Musgrave | May 13, 2014

Jack Welch has a stammer. And he’s short. But neither stopped him from reaching the height of the business world. Tapped to run GE when he was a mere 45 years old, he turned it into an international giant, using bold, inventive and aggressive techniques that others quickly emulated. “My success is lots of self-confidence…

8 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings

By Jane Musgrave | April 15, 2014

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.” —­Dave Barry That assessment by the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author is right on. A recent survey by Microsoft of roughly 38,000 people worldwide found that…