Jamie Friedlander

Jamie Friedlander

17 Empowering Quotes From the Funniest Women Alive

By Jamie Friedlander | March 29, 2016

Enjoy a boost of motivation from #StrongFunnyWomen in comedy.

Would You Take Time Off to Pursue Your Passion?

By Jamie Friedlander | March 24, 2016

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Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Tiny Home

By Jamie Friedlander | March 19, 2016

This entrepreneur created a DIY home kit.

Time Is Money: What Is 1 Hour Really Worth to You?

By Jamie Friedlander | March 18, 2016

This online tool shows you just how much you value your spare time. To the dollar.

10 Ways Your Name Affects Your Life

By Jamie Friedlander | March 11, 2016

What’s in a name? Here’s what.

Why Randi Zuckerberg Put Her Day Job on Hold to Pursue Her Passion

By Jamie Friedlander | March 1, 2016

‘[Performing on Broadway] taught me a lot about saying yes to new experiences in life and digging deep and finding what you’re made of.’

4 Things I Learned From Keeping Weekly Lists

By Jamie Friedlander | February 8, 2016

The benefits of jotting things down in a semi-organized fashion