Jamie Friedlander

Jamie Friedlander
Jamie Friedlander is a freelance writer based in Chicago and the former features editor of SUCCESS magazine. Her work has been published in The Cut, VICE, Inc., The Chicago Tribune and Business Insider, among other publications. When she's not writing, she can usually be found drinking matcha tea into excess, traveling somewhere new with her husband or surfing Etsy late into the night.


The Mood-Boosting Power of Ecotherapy

By Jamie Friedlander | April 22, 2020

Did you know walking in nature, or gardening, or horseback riding can improve your mental health? They are all forms of ecotherapy, or using the outdoors to quiet one’s mind, and you can put it into practice in your own life.

4 Uplifting Drinks to Jump-Start Your Day

By Jamie Friedlander | April 18, 2020

Whether you’ve always eschewed coffee or you’re looking to cut out caffeine temporarily, consider starting your day with one of these drinks instead.

searching for meaning emotionally extreme experience

Searching for Meaning? Look to Your Most Extreme Experiences

By Jamie Friedlander | April 3, 2020

When it comes to creating a meaningful life, the intensity of an experience matters more than how positive or negative it was.

how to stay connected during social distancing

9 Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

By Jamie Friedlander | March 19, 2020

Struggling in self-quarantine? Here’s how to cope with the newfound isolation.

mental health books

The 11 Best Books on Mental Health

By Jamie Friedlander | February 24, 2020

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed and you’re interested in learning more about your experience, these 11 books—from memoirs to research-backed guides—cover all things mental health.

healthy marriage

The 8 Most Important Qualities of a Healthy Marriage

By Jamie Friedlander | February 13, 2020

If your partnership has these elements, consider yourself lucky.

Therapy Is Personal Development

Therapy Is Personal Development

By Jamie Friedlander | February 10, 2020

Feeling deeply helped by her
own psychiatrist, our writer makes
the case for seeing a professional.

The New Thought Leaders: 12 People Who Can Lead You to Your Brightest Future

By Jonny Auping, Scott Bedgood, Jamie Friedlander and Cecilia Meis | February 4, 2020

This eclectic mix of authors, speakers, podcasters and social media savants are using new methods to teach the timeless lessons that can guide you to a happier, more successful tomorrow.

New Thought Leader: Gabrielle Bernstein

By Jonny Auping, Cecilia Meis, Scott Bedgood and Jamie Friedlander | February 4, 2020

Like so many in the genre, Bernstein’s success is built on her own story. Her rock bottom led her on a path to find happiness and contentment within.

Tom Bilyeu

New Thought Leader: Tom Bilyeu

By Scott Bedgood, Cecilia Meis, Jonny Auping and Jamie Friedlander | February 4, 2020

For a self-proclaimed lazy person, Tom Bilyeu sure has a lot of irons in the fire. The co-founder of Impact Theory (ImpactTheory.com) and Quest Nutrition, is a highly sought speaker within the personal development and empowerment community.