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Donna Levin

Donna Levin
As Co-Founder and Vice President of Public Policy, CSR and Workplace Solutions for, Donna is dedicated to helping employers build customized benefits packages to support employees care needs, as well as discover innovative solutions to the growing global care issue, helping shape local, federal and state matters as they pertain to families. In her prior role as the Company’s Vice President of Operations, Donna built and launched all of the Company’s operational systems, policies, and procedures, and led the way on safety protocols, playing a fundamental role in scaling the platform.

5 Ways to Get Fit and Healthy at the Office

By Donna Levin | May 12, 2015

1. In-Office Yoga and ZumbaTry bringing in a yoga or Zumba instructor once a week to engage employees who care about fitness but aren’t interested in bulking up or whose reconstructed knees can’t run on a treadmill. Repurpose that conference room! 2. Nap RoomsSleeping on the job is no longer a bad thing. Many tech…