Diego Cassina

Diego Cassina
Diego Cassina is a thought leader and public speaker on the topic of human connection, emotional mastery and social serendipity. Diego overcame childhood trauma and social anxiety by meeting thousands of strangers. In doing so, he learned patterns of human behavior that he now uses to help people connect at a deeper level in their relationships, in their businesses and with themselves. He believes if you love yourself fully, you can conquer any limitation, live the life of your dreams and love at the highest level. He is the founder of Bumping Into Love. Keep up with Diego on Facebook.

Don’t Share Your Goals With These 3 People

By Diego Cassina | December 27, 2017

They say you should share your goals. But with everyone?

The 3 Categories of Thought

By Diego Cassina | June 16, 2016

Your life is a direct reflection the way you think.