Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy
Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line

By Darren Hardy | January 11, 2011

Have you made New Year’s resolutions or set goals before and failed?

Have you ente

How to Live Your Best Year Ever

By Darren Hardy | December 28, 2010

Are you feeling a little bummed or even disappointed in where you are in life right now? Did you think you would be doing a little bit better and be a little further along in life by now? Are you a little down on yourself about how you have let your body go… or your…

Success Is Not About What You DO…

By Darren Hardy | October 20, 2010

When it comes to comparing superachievers and everyone else, it has less to do with what they do and more to do with what they don’t do. Saying “yes” is easy; saying “no” is much harder, but it is the master skill of success. In a world where we are constantly being tugged on from…

The Legend Lives On

By Darren Hardy | September 16, 2010

Friday is the 80th birthday of my mentor, the late Jim Rohn. It is cause for me to

Wrestling with ‘The Donald’

By Darren Hardy | September 15, 2010

This past Sunday our good friends at ACN asked if I would come out to their convention and interview Donald Trump live on stage in front of their 20,000 reps. Donald has a reputation of being a tad bit capricious in his commentary and particularly rough on interviewers. So I was ready, I had my…

Never Hurts to Ask

By Darren Hardy | August 31, 2010

Vanilla Haagen-Dazs… it must be made from angel’s milk. Sheer ecstasy. What heaven must be like (please!). I savor each lick until my taste buds scream in pain for more. And when I reluctantly swallow my last bite—that’s what hell must be like. I recently allowed myself to have this sweet-bitter experience at a local…

Are You Stuck?

By Darren Hardy | July 20, 2010

I saw something absurd the other day. A highly engineered and specially designed high-performance race car stuck on a 35-mile-an-hour downtown street. That is not what that car was made for. That is not what its creator (Enzo Ferrari) envisioned for it. This 6-speed, F140 Aluminum V12, 4700cc engine with 660hp was built to go…

Sell Like John Lennon

By Darren Hardy | July 13, 2010

John Lennon is my real estate agent in South Beach, Miami. Seriously, that is his r

It Doesn’t Just Happen

By Darren Hardy | June 22, 2010

Curious what life is like on “the other side,” since I am still a mere adolescent in my 30s (for eight more months), I asked her what newfound wisdom she has gathered from the many best wishes messages, cards and conversations she has had with those already living in “the beyond.” I was so intrigued…

There Is Nothing More Pitiful

By Darren Hardy | June 15, 2010

My mentor Jim Rohn emphasized that one of the first things everyone should work on is their