Dan Price

Dan Price
Price is the founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, a credit-card processing company that supports independent businesses. In 2015 he took a personal pay cut that secured a $70,000 minimum salary for his employees.

The Choice of the Purpose-Driven Leader

By Dan Price | September 5, 2018

In everything we do, we are given a choice, but making the right choice requires thought and energy and an assumption of responsibility.

Giving Employees Raises Is Better for the Bottom Line

By Dan Price | March 17, 2017

Raise ‘em up.

Become a Servant Leader in 4 Steps

By Dan Price | January 25, 2017

Am I truly working to serve the people around me, or for personal gain?

7 Ways to Create a Sense of Family in the Office

By Dan Price | October 28, 2016

Dan Price, the CEO who took a paycut to raise the minimum salary to $70,000, shares his tips on how to show some love around the workplace.