Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler is a millennial expert, professional speaker, coach and author of the best-selling book Expectation Hangover. Christine teaches high-achievers how to leverage disappointment and step into their full potential. She also speaks to organizations around the world about how to bridge generational gaps in the workplace to create a thriving culture. 

Tips to Avoid an Expectation Hangover

5 Tips to Avoid an Expectation Hangover

By Christine Hassler | February 24, 2015

Even best-laid plans go astray. A project flops, an idea fails to take off, a promotion never comes—we’ve come to expect occasional disappointments in our career. But what happens when they negatively impact our personal fulfillment or sense of achievement? These illusive beliefs become toxic and leave you with a pounding disappointment—an expectation hangover. It’s…