Christina Berchini

Christina Berchini
Christina Berchini is a university professor, author and researcher. She created, where she gives advice and tough love to college students. Her creative work has been featured on and promoted on Her interests include an unhealthy obsession with The Huffington Post and TED Talks.

Was I a Good Boss? Was I a Good Employee? An Intern and Boss Lay It on the Table

By Christina Berchini | March 18, 2015

By now you know our story. I was a bad intern. Amy was my boss. She fired me and 14 years later, I thanked her—on Because hearing those words—“Today will be your last day”—taught me a lot, mostly that I was a horrible first-time employee, a newbie breaking the rules of a professional world…

3 Clues You Were a Bad Intern

By Christina Berchini | January 19, 2015

Confession: I did something crazy. I wrote a blog post about being fired from my first job as an intern (“6 Reasons I’m Thankful You Fired Me”). But that wasn’t the craziest part of my wild behavior. Because as soon as my declaration was published, I looked up my former boss—yes, that boss—and emailed it…

6 Reasons I’m Thankful You Fired Me

By Christina Berchini | December 3, 2014

“Today will be your last day.” These words randomly emerged from the recesses of my memory the other night. I was washing dishes and listening to a TED Talk. I was not feeling particularly nostalgic that evening, or thinking about anyone or anything in particular. My memory rewound further to that moment of elation when…