Chris Widener

Chris Widener

The 7 Arenas of Success

By Chris Widener | May 31, 2017

Spend some time preparing to meet your biggest challenges.


7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

By Chris Widener | February 8, 2017

Your short-term tasks, multiplied by time, equals success.

3 Essentials of Happy and Healthy Relationships

By Chris Widener | April 26, 2016

These are things that, when done over time, create the kinds of relationships you truly desire.


6 Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Tries to Bring You Down

By Chris Widener | March 8, 2016

Instead of spending your time thinking about how bad things are, think about how good they will be.


12 Characteristics of People Who Are the Best at What They Do

By Chris Widener | January 5, 2016

Do you have what it takes to be the best?

7 Steps to Break Your Bad Habits

By Chris Widener | June 30, 2015

Everybody has bad habits. Everybody. Now granted, some people have less than others and some people’s bad habits are more grating than those of others, but we all have them. What is great is that we don’t have to. We’re all capable of change, so let’s! There are two kinds of bad habits: The ones…


Be Home for Dinner More Often & 7 Other Rules for a Good Life

By Chris Widener | May 26, 2015

The direction of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. They accumulate and add up to our ultimate destiny. What’s yours look like? Here are eight choices you can make, choices that will create abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life: Related: 5 Life Lessons You Never Learned in School …

9 Success Principles I Learned from My Single Mom

9 Success Principles I Learned from My Single Mom

By Chris Widener | May 5, 2015

I was at a dinner party the other night when someone posed this question: Who has influenced your life the most? I thought for a minute and said what no one else said, “My mother.” You see, when I was 4, my dad died. At the time, it seemed like we were on top of…

When the Door of Opportunity Opens

When the Door of Opportunity Opens

By Chris Widener | May 29, 2009

Anybody can achieve anything. Do you believe that? I do.

But there is a caveat that must be made. T