Cecilia Meis

Cecilia Meis
Cecilia Meis is a full-time writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. Besides SUCCESS, her work has appeared in Time Out Dallas, Rewire, Healthline and others. Outside of work, she plays beach volleyball, attempts home cooking and is ardently working toward making her cat, Nola, Insta-famous.

Play This Word Game to Generate New Ideas

By Cecilia Meis | November 25, 2017

It’s called Shiritori, and it can help spark your brightest ideas.

What Happened When I Took a Vow of Silence

By Cecilia Meis | November 9, 2017

Our editor discovers the joys and sorrows of a vow of silence.

My Best Advice for Entrepreneurs: Take Time

By Cecilia Meis | November 4, 2017

A Q&A with Andy Bailey, founder of Petra Coach

Your November Action Plan: 10 Ways to Appreciate the Good

By Cecilia Meis | November 1, 2017

This is how you make gratefulness a habit.

Why Conquering Self-Doubt Is Essential for Entrepreneurship

By Cecilia Meis | October 14, 2017

Entrepreneurship can be a challenge, but every victory multiplies your growth.

Your October Action Plan: 10 Ways to Get Serious About Your Success

By Cecilia Meis | October 1, 2017

These are the secrets of superior performance.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a High Performer?

By Cecilia Meis | September 29, 2017

Setting goals is one thing.

Ask These 6 Questions to Make Rational Decisions

By Cecilia Meis | September 26, 2017

Because trusting your gut isn’t always the best advice.

Don’t Use the Interns to Fetch Coffee

By Cecilia Meis | September 16, 2017

‘Surrounding myself with a smarter, more experienced team has catapulted this company more than anything else.’

Your September Action Plan: 10 Ways to Chase Fulfillment

By Cecilia Meis | September 1, 2017

First thing’s first: What are your priorities?