Cecilia Meis

Cecilia Meis
Cecilia Meis is a full-time writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. Besides SUCCESS, her work has appeared in Time Out Dallas, Rewire, Healthline and others. Outside of work, she plays beach volleyball, attempts home cooking and is ardently working toward making her cat, Nola, Insta-famous.


How to Manage Workaholism

By Cecilia Meis | November 2, 2018

Although the work-obsessed might seem like the most productive of the bunch, being a workaholic could actually decrease your productivity over time.

Jeff Bezos Says These Are the 5 Secrets to Success

By Cecilia Meis | July 31, 2018

Business lessons from the Richest Person in History

Jeff Bezos’ Rules to Live By

By Cecilia Meis | July 31, 2018

The Amazon Founder has built a consumerism empire on an unwavering dedication to his core principles. But just when he begins to fit a mold, he rewrites the rules.

A Simple Formula for Success: Execution Over IQ

By Cecilia Meis | June 27, 2018

Kim Perell is never far from the ocean. An avid traveler, Perell has been to more than 70 countries, finding inspiration in the great blue. “I just feel the power,” she says. “It’s a reminder of how life is full of amazing opportunity.” Born to entrepreneurial parents, Perell grew up listening to discussions about growth strategies…

5 Daily Self-Love Tips

5 Daily Self-Love Tips

By Cecilia Meis | February 15, 2018

How to love yourself first

Gabby Bernstein Shows You How to Love Yourself First

By Cecilia Meis | January 1, 2018

The speaker, author and self-described “spirit junkie” has built a life and career out of one simple mantra: Let go.

Your January Action Plan: 10 Tips for a Total Life Renovation

By Cecilia Meis | January 1, 2018

Before you step into the new year, give this checklist a look.

12 Creativity Hacks for 2018

By Cecilia Meis | December 19, 2017

By the end of 2018, you’ll be a creative genius!

6 Morning Practices to Prevent Stress

By Cecilia Meis | December 16, 2017

Make sure your self-care time is protected. 

Your December Action Plan: 10 Ways to Live a Simple, Happy Life

By Cecilia Meis | December 1, 2017

Get back to the basics.