Bob Hayes

Bob Hayes
For more than 25 years, Jim Burba and Bob Hayes have been partners in life and business. Their book, Smart Partners will be published by SelectBooks (New York) on September 6, 2016. Co-founders of Burba Hotel Network and Burba Hayes LLC, this couple has formed a power partnership that produces conferences for the hotel investment community, feature films, and a Broadway musical. Since 2000, their conferences have attracted nearly 90,000 international delegates in 22 countries. Follow them on Twitter or at

10 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Successful Collaboration

By Bob Hayes | September 29, 2016

Be realistic about your wants and needs.

Think Big, Start Small and Plan for Success

By Bob Hayes | August 29, 2016

You can’t just wing it.

This Is the Key to a Successful Partnership (and a Successful Life)

By Bob Hayes | August 10, 2016

‘We’ always starts with ‘me.’