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Berry Fowler

Berry Fowler
Berry Fowler is the founder and former chairman of Sylvan Learning Centers and the founder and chairman of the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. Since 2008, Berry and his team have trained and certified over 6000 life and business coaches worldwide. ​​​​​​​Berry is recognized as one of the world’s leading educational entrepreneurs for creating curriculum and training systems that are practical, unique and effective.

5 Steps to Survive Your Quarter-Life Crisis

By Berry Fowler | July 8, 2015

My quarter-life crisis began on my 31st birthday when my mother gave me a small paperback book titled Young Millionaires. Inside, there were stories of various entrepreneurs who all became millionaires before their 40th birthdays. At that time, I was a classroom teacher at a public junior high school in Anaheim, California. I loved my…