Annie Mueller

Annie Mueller
Annie Mueller is a freelance writer who covers all things small business, productivity and personal growth related. Find her online at

Why You Should Be Chief Growth Officer of Your Family

By Annie Mueller | May 29, 2015

Companies benefit from having well-developed, growing, open-minded leaders. Your children (members of a different kind of company) should also benefit from having leaders who pursue personal development, understanding and growth. Taking time for personal growth might seem selfish, but it’s not. Many self-improvement practices like keeping a journal, meditating, practicing optimism and reading come with…

How Fear Warps Your Thinking—and 3 Ways You Can Fight Back

By Annie Mueller | March 30, 2015

A tall, wobbly ladder–and you at the top.A black spider with eight hairy, spidery legs.A clown—any clown. Fear can be a great survival tool. But as a way of life? It has some nasty side effects. In every stressful or threatening situation, your brain starts logging details and adding warning labels. You may not notice…