Assaraf: 5 Steps to Focus on Generating Revenue

Do you ever wish you could be in two places at once? Some days I wish I could clone myself to get more work done. As business owners we want to take part in all aspects of our company… but unfortunately, we can only concentrate on completing one task at a time. So how do you know where to focus your time and energy to maximize your results? The best thing next to cloning yourself is to follow these five steps: 1. Determine your passion. Figure out what activities you do that you enjoy and that fulfill the objectives of your business. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Figure out what your skills and unique abilities are and write them down. 2. Track all of your activities. Make a list of EVERYTHING you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you spend a large amount of your time on your e-mail or in meetings with your team, then these items should go on your list. 3. Identify your highest impact-producing and revenue-producing activities. After you’ve looked at everything you do, figure out which tasks bring your business the most revenue or value. This will help you prioritize your list from most important to least important. 4. Figure out which activities match your skill set. In your list of activities, which ones match your strengths and talents? Chances are you’re spending your time on things that you’re not very good at… or that other people can do better. Determine which activities make the most sense for you to spend your time on, based on your abilities. 5. Plan on only doing the high-impact and revenue-producing activities that match your skill. Hire people to do the things that have less impact so that you can spend more of your time on generating revenue for your business. Once you focus on doing only the most essential things, you will maximize the return on your time. Want to grow your business and achieve financial success? Download the “How to Attract More Clients – The Fundamentals” white paper, free exclusively for SUCCESS blog readers by OneCoach. Blog post #9 in the Entrepreneurial Challenge guest blog by John Assaraf. Submit your questions for John on our Facebook page.


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