Problems Are Just Solutions in the Making

Why you should look forward to change
April 25, 2014

You know I’m a solutions-oriented person. I live in solutions, and I think all of the most successful people do, too. This makes change not something to fear, but something to look forward to.

Change can occur quickly, often without warning. Problems arise. It’s human nature to hunker down and cling to the status quo, hoping the storm passes. Doing things in new ways can sometimes be a real challenge. The key is to think strategically rather than simply altering your tactics.

Tactical people switch up their cold-call script, adjust their daily tasks and activities, and spend their time with paperwork. Strategists are playing a game of chess: They’re studying the board, thinking about the effects of moves they have yet to make, and planning ahead.

If we truly understand that problems are a matter of perspective, then we can appreciate how solutions-oriented individuals consider problems to merely be temporary—solutions in the  making.

Almost all problems are solvable. The more you live in solutions, the more naturally strategic you’ll become, and this can have a dramatic impact on your success and, of course, your results.

If you choose to live in solutions, the world eagerly awaits your dreams and provides every tool and opportunity you need to turn them into reality.

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