Here’s the Deal About Purpose

Trust the process.
January 31, 2018

This “passion” thing has been glorified and overexposed. If we don’t have it, we feel deficient. Each morning, we look in the mirror and think, Why do I hate my job? We beat ourselves up, feel anxious and worry the boss knows. Here are telltale signs you’re missing passion at work: You feel no energy, no positive emotion and no genuine care for what you’re doing. But that’s a red flag, not a personality flaw.

Until you discover purpose, passion at work will be elusive. Purpose is what drives you. It offers the deepest sense of fulfillment. Purpose fills work with meaning. I’m tired of superficial talk about passion. Frankly, passion is not a work requirement. If you don’t have a calling, chill. If you’re interested in learning and growing, that’s purposeful and enough.

If you’re itching to start or renew your search for purpose, do it. You’ll generate positive energy through the search itself. Slow down to experience the process. Explore nonprofits, startups and interests outside of work, too. There’s no formula and no magic. Purpose exists where it’s least expected. Trust in serendipity, trying new things until something renews your energy.

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—Excerpted from Grow Wherever You Work: Straight Talk to Help with Your Toughest Challenges by Joanna Barsh

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