8 Yoga Poses for Optimal Digestion

Speed up your digestion with these exercises.
January 27, 2018

We know the tried-and-true advice for optimal digestive health: Eat lots of fiber, drink tons of water and avoid greasy foods. But what about the physical things you can do?

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David Greuner, M.D., the surgical director at NYC Surgical Associates, offers his tips for physically aiding your digestion, and suggests the yoga poses below for optimal digestion.

1. Sit up straight.

Minimize your heartburn risk by sitting up straight. “Good posture daily can help with stomach discomfort,” Greuner says. “After a meal, it will help your digestion if you remain upright and avoid positions such as slouching and lying down.”

2. Rest after eating.

Don’t partake in any strenuous activity after eating a large meal. “You actually digest the most when you are resting, and digestion slows when in motion,” Greuner says.

3. Strike a pose.

Yoga poses can help open up the abdomen, Greuner says. “Yoga helps train your breath with many different breathing exercises. By doing this, you are strengthening the diaphragm muscles, which will help prevent reflux. There are also certain stretches that target abdominal organs, and twists that can help massage and wring out stuck intestinal toxins.”









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