5 Approaches to Leadership Breakthroughs

Secrets to be a better leader—and to keep getting better
July 20, 2015

Leaders are defined by their ability to achieve breakthroughs. They can quickly adapt to changing conditions, spot new opportunities and create innovative solutions to overcome whatever obstacles they face. Here are some best practices:

1. Identify your make or break. Go through your objectives and strategies to identify the critical factors that will lead to success. Next clarify the actions required. Make sure your team knows not only what’s required, but why it is vitally important.

2. Look through your customers’ eyes. Identify their expectations at each phase and the key actions both you and your client must take.

3. Connect with employees. Engage energetic and passionate employees with questions such as, “What do you think?” “How do you think we could solve this problem?” or “What would you do?”

4. Learn from dissatisfied clients. Always begin by acknowledging their point of view. This is not the time to fix or explain but simply to listen. Engage with them to gain their perspective. Identify new ways to pursue client feedback.

5. Know when to recharge and re-energize. Encouragement, optimism and confidence are hallmarks of energized employees. Monitor your energy and that of your team. 

John Addison says that as leader, you can control just two things. Find out what they are.

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