20 Ways to Try Something New

Quick activities to inspire growth
October 2, 2017

In a busy working world, it’s always tempting to skip lunch because that feels more productive. Skipping breaks entirely can have a lot of negative effects, though. Instead of just eating lunch and resting for a few minutes or getting right back to your day job, try something new. 

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Reap the benefits of a quick pause from work while still using every minute constructively. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Plant flowers.

  2. Build a Lego house.

  3. Doodle or try an adult coloring book.

  4. Play a game of chess or checkers.

  5. Listen to a podcast.

  6. Visit an art gallery.

  7. Take a series of photos.

  8. Watch a film short on ShortOfTheWeek.com.

  9. Go for a bike ride.

  10. Start a new audiobook.

  11. Write a short story or journal entry.

  12. Visit a botanical garden.

  13. Go on a date.

  14. Meditate in nature.

  15. Take a hike or a hilly walk.

  16. Listen to five new songs, each from a different genre.

  17. Volunteer with a nearby organization.

  18. Try out yoga poses.

  19. Start a class on Skillshare.com.

  20. View stars from thousands of years ago with the Star Chart app, even in daylight.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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