Anne Grady on Building Resilience Through Gratitude

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“When life gets tough, the tough get going,” as the saying goes. But what does that really look like? For Anne Grady, author of Strong Enough and popular TEDx speaker, that meant building resilience as a single mother while her son with mental illness was constantly in and out of hospitals and specialists’ offices. Grady and’s Shelby Skrhak discuss how building resiliency feels like weakness when you’re in the middle of struggles. Plus, learn how to identify your fight-or-flight emotions so you know how to manage them when they appear.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection, available in the November 2017 edition of SUCCESS magazine.

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  • Resilience is your ability to bounce back from stressful events or negative experiences. It’s not something you’re born with; it’s a skillset you learn proactively. “Your strength comes from struggle,” Grady says.
  • When challenging times happen in your life, practice asking yourself what emotions you are feeling and then consider what lesson they can teach. Resilient people process their emotions and give themselves time to recover from them, while being grateful for the lessons they learn.
  • Understand what triggers your emotional and physical reactions to stress. Pay attention to what’s happening, when and why so you can better manage your response to it. 
  • Mastering resiliency can help you regulate your emotion, navigate stressful situations, recover more quickly and be more adaptive to what’s going on at the time. 

Favorite quote from this episode:

“The average person experiences five or six traumas in a lifetime…but we’re not taught how to balance back from these challenges and setbacks. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be strong enough. You just have to have the skills to help you navigate through the situation, and if you use it properly, you become stronger as a result.”

—Anne Grady

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