Amanda Enayati on Finding Pockets of Joy

You’ve hear it before: Stress is the enemy. But author, columnist, communications strategist and stress expert Amanda Enayati disagrees. Enayati has seen her fair share of stressful events in her life: She fled her home country of Iran when she was just a kid. She witnessed the 9/11 attacks just 20 blocks away from her West Village neighborhood. She’s a breast cancer survivor. And she’s used those events to fuel her scientific study of stress. In her interview with’s Shelby Skrhak, Enayati talks about stress and how—quite literally—it’s all in our minds. She explains the different types of stress and how to find pockets of joy to boost your mood throughout the day.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection May 2016 edition.



  • What if stress isn’t something that happens to us, but rather something that we create with our own bodily reactions?
  • In reality there is no such thing as stress free, and the devil of modern stress lies in the particulars of how you’re thinking about the things that are happening to you.
  • Three categories of stress:
    1. Toxic stress
    2. Good stress
    3. Tolerable stress
  • How to stress better
  • How to find pockets of joy, where if even for a minute, you can put aside your stress and refresh your mind


Favorite Quote From This Episode:

“No matter who you are and what’s happening to you, you have the power to tell better stories that serve you and your goals.” — Amanda Enayati


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