Achieving Success Through Leadership, Sales & Self-Care: The Bodela Way with Bobbi Vargas


PUBLISHED: August 30, 2023
Bobbi Vargas, founder of Bodela

Bobbi Vargas, founder and CEO of Bodela, rose from humble beginnings to become a mentor and entrepreneur. Marked by resilience and determination, her journey paints a picture of overcoming adversity, learning from life’s challenges and transforming those lessons into a path to success.

Born in Syria and raised in Kuwait, Vargas experienced an abrupt life shift when she and her family became unexpected immigrants to the United States weeks before the Persian Gulf War. The experience of being uprooted and thrust into a new world brought hardships, but it offered Vargas an early glimpse into her strength of character and resilience.

At 11, Vargas took on her first job busing tables in a Pittsburgh diner where her mother worked. This experience sparked a realization in young Vargas about the power of hard work and the value of money. It was a hard-learned lesson that became the bedrock of her future successes.

Vargas’ career trajectory took her to the beauty industry, where she found success as a makeup artist for A-list celebrities and top-tier fashion brands. Working at Versace, Christian Dior, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, she became known for her sales prowess and leadership skills. However, her journey wasn’t without setbacks. The recession in 2007 brought her career to a temporary standstill. But ever the fighter, Vargas pivoted and forged a new path.

Her experiences with the top echelons of the fashion industry shaped her understanding of the power of leadership and sales. She learned to lead by example, showing other sales associates how to succeed by demonstrating her commitment, dedication and hard work.

Today, Vargas leverages her experience to teach and consult, helping entrepreneurs and companies looking to expand and grow. She firmly believes in the power of self-care, asserting that the foundation of success starts with loving yourself. Through her brand, Bodela, she is on a mission to remind people of this truth.

Bodela is more than a business for Vargas. It’s a platform through which she aims to give back to society and create opportunities for financial freedom. She is dedicated to helping women achieve their potential. Bodela offers various products and services, from essential oils and crystals to balance energy to beauty services such as permanent makeup and body sculpting.

Vargas is not just teaching women a new skill; she’s equipping them for a new career and helping them build financial independence. She is particularly passionate about helping women who survived human trafficking and domestic violence. A portion of the proceeds from Bodela’s all-natural products goes toward “providing safe homes and resources for children” in similar circumstances.

Vargas is an example of how success can be achieved through resilience. Through Bodela, she not only offers a service or a product; she is providing a path toward independence and empowerment. Vargas’ journey, leadership, sales experience and self-care practices continue to inspire and shape women’s lives, proving that success is within everyone’s reach with perseverance and a bit of self-love.

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