“A Very Particular Set of Skills” Puts Liam Neeson on February Cover of SUCCESS

DALLAS—  Box-office heavyweight Liam Neeson—a former amateur boxer who has taken his share of haymakers in both his family and professional life, but always fought back—opens up to SUCCESS magazine about how he has managed heartaches and setbacks while still striving to be his best.

Modeling the steely demeanor that is his trademark on camera and off it, the Taken 3 star graces the February cover of the 125-year-old personal and professional development magazine, available nationwide on newsstands Tuesday. SUCCESS contributing editor Shelley Levitt scored exclusive time with Neeson, during which he shared details on the working-class upbringing that has shaped his personal values and molded him into the stoic role model that he is known as today. Despite his hard-nosed public persona, though, this intensely private star discusses candidly the tragic death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, in 2009.

Since Richardson’s untimely passing, Neeson has kept busy raising their two sons. Most comforting, he tells Levitt, is the quotation from playwright Samuel Beckett that he and Richardson both hung up in their backstage dressing rooms: “Keep coming back to the plate.” That, Neeson quietly says, is how he knows Richardson would want him to go on.


The February issue of SUCCESS is devoted to the subject of productivity and features the publication’s 143 best-ever tips for efficiency and goal-attainment, including some surprising findings.

What’s one of the best ways to be more productive? Procrastinate! Writer John H. Ostdick reveals that research shows frequent breaks boost energy levels and increase performance. But we must also navigate a minefield in the hours when we are trying to get work done: the tech time-suck. Writer Chelsea Greenwood explains the best strategies for resisting the allure of social media and click-bait, while helping us to climb out from under the email avalanches in her story, “Tech and Your Time.”

Also on tap in the February issue of SUCCESS: understanding the difference between business and busy-ness; how to keep and build on your momentum; and the reasons integrity is one of your most important assets (and how to get the most out of your good name).

From the lessons Neeson teaches about emotional resilience to the fresh insights on changing your work habits for the better, the February issue of SUCCESS is a must-read for the modern businessperson, or anyone who is always searching for new ways to up their game.

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