A Tale of Two Different SXSW Interactives

It took me three years, but I’ve finally figured out SXSW Interactive, which wrapped up Tuesday in Austin. To some people, it’s a conference, and to others, it’s a festival. What’s the difference?

Conference-goers are the lanyard-toting, sensible shoe-wearing ones that shuffled into a 6 o’clock happy hour, looking for enough free h’or dourves to make a dinner of it before retiring to his or her hotel.

They look a little like this.


Then there are the festival-goers, who caught a late afternoon session or two at the convention center before they hit up a happy hour for sustenance and some scheduled socializing with other Interactive attendees and speakers. They are the ones that went to a 7 o’clock party sponsored by somebody small, and then got in line for a 10 o’clock party sponsored by somebody big. 

You could spot them looking like this.

And SUCCESS’s take on conference versus festival?


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