A Love Poem with Wit

Melissa Balmain doesn't need an invitation. She's walking in.

The SUCCESS Contributing Editor has penned a new comic poetry book, Walking in on People, in which she explores the wit in every day life. "Melissa Balmain's poems add to the rhythmic bounce of light verse a darker, more cutting humor," praises former U.S. Poet Laurete Billy Collins. "The result is an infectious, often hilarious blend of the sweet and the lethal, the charming and the acidic."

In this excerpt for SUCCESS, Balmain reminds us to find the new in everything old. 

Love Poem

by Melissa Balmain

The afternoon we left our first apartment,

we scrubbed it down from ceiling to parquet.

Who knew the place could smell like lemon muffins?

It suddenly seemed nuts to move away.


The morning someone bought our station wagon,

it gleamed with wax and every piston purred.

That car looked like a centerfold in Hot Rod!

Too late, we saw that selling was absurd.


And then there was the freshly-tuned piano

we passed along to neighbors with a wince.

We told ourselves we’d find one even better;

instead we’ve missed its timbre ever since.


So if, God help us, we are ever tempted

to ditch our marriage when it’s lost its glow,

let’s give the thing our finest spit and polish–

and, having learned our lesson, not let go.


From Walking in on People, copyright Melissa Balmain, 2014. Used with permission of Able Muse Press.


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