A Convenience for the Coffee-Crazed Community

On a recent trip to Spain, we encountered an electric vehicle charger with a built-in espresso maker—how very European! While that was a whimsical idea for a trade show, in-car coffee is actually here, in the form of the French-made Handpresso Auto (about $200).

It’s a neat little gadget, weighing less than 2 pounds, that fits in the cup holder and uses your vehicle’s 12-volt power source to drive a built-in (and noisy) compressor that operates at 232 psi to produce steam. Three beeps tell you the coffee is ready. There’s even a built-in temperature gauge. The 140-watt Handpresso uses widely available Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods. Drop one in, add water, and your hot beverage brews in a couple of  minutes.

Like the whole idea of pod coffee, this is an idea we wish we’d had—it’s a no-brainer for a coffee-crazed society. Just don’t start brewing without pulling over first.

A coffee habit can be a good thing—find out how it, and green tea, can reduce your risk for stroke. 


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