8 Keys to Hyper Sales Growth

You don’t become the best salesperson by just selling. So claims Jack Daly, author of Hyper Sales Growth: Street-Proven Systems & Processes. How to Grow Quickly & Profitably. (Advantage Media Group, 2014).

An entrepreneur and sales coach with some 20 years’ experience, Daly writes that training, creating strategies and building relationships are more important to long-term sales success than closing multiple deals.

The best salespeople are consistent, or “canned,” Daly writes. They’re so practiced and confident that they can respond without hesitation in any specific situation because they understand what works—while also seeming  spontaneous.

More of Daly’s tips for successful sales:

• Never make a call without a purpose.

• Ask questions and listen.

• Never quote price until you establish value.

• Trust trumps price all day long.

• The best salespeople are canned. Don’t wing it.

• Model the masters. Learn from the best.

• People are different. Sell accordingly.

• We are what we think we are. Raise the bar!

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