7 Keys for Joyful Living

If there were one thing I could wish for my family, friends and readers, it would be for them to experience joy in everything they do. Here are some thoughts for finding joy in your life.

Know your purpose. Nothing will bring you more joy than knowing why you are here. Not knowing brings sadness, wondering, fear and lack of fulfillment.

Live purposefully. Once you know your purpose, you need to live according to that purpose. This is a simple matter of priorities. Let your actions and your schedule reflect your purpose. Don’t react to circumstances and let them cause you to lose sight of it.

Stretch yourself. Don’t settle into the status quo. Always look to stretch yourself. Whatever you are doing, do more. Stretching yourself will allow you to go beyond your self-imposed boundaries and find joy in your expanded horizons.

Give more than you take. It brings happiness to accumulate. It brings joy to give away.

Surprise yourself, and others, too. Every once in a while, do the unexpected. Doing so will make everyone sit back and say, “Wow! Where did that come from?” It will put a little joy not only in your life, but in theirs as well.

Indulge yourself sometimes. Too much indulgence, though, and you will be caught in the happiness trap. But if you will allow yourself an occasional indulgence as a reward for a job well done and a life well lived, you will appreciate the indulgence and experience the joy of it.

Laugh! Most people are just too serious. We need to laugh a little – no, a lot! Learn to laugh daily, even if you have to laugh in bad situations. Life is to be enjoyed! The next time you go to the movie rental store, get a comedy and let loose! Joy can be yours! Look for it, pursue it and enjoy it!

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