50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money


Even those who work for an employer need to consider themselves self-employed these days. The shape of our careers has changed, and whether you work for yourself, you’ve committed to the long term with a bigger company, or you’re looking to change companies, self-management will set you apart from those who are stuck with a pay-your-dues mentality.

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Being successful today means motivating yourself, challenging yourself and being proud of your achievements. But it also means you are responsible for your own well-being—both the quality of life you enjoy outside of the office, and the way it reflects on what you’re able to achieve professionally.

The old-fashioned image of the coffee-breathed workaholic has become deeply dated. Instead, being calm, in control, content, and pleasant to be around are all signs you are doing a good job. An element of stress can help you achieve great things when you’re up against a deadline, but being able to manage your workload and balance your time and emotions will result in a better life for you and better performance in the workplace.

Such a disposition requires more than good intentions; it requires regular, mindful techniques, such as eating well, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, and knowing how and when to relax. For example, doing a crossword puzzle in the evening (instead of mindlessly browsing Facebook) can distract you from your worries while also keeping your mind tuned. Hitting a museum or gallery on your lunch break might prepare you for a good afternoon’s work better than eating a packaged sandwich at your desk, attempting to multitask.

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So if you want to rejuvenate your professional outlook and get that work-life balance into gear, check out the infographic below, which offers 50 budget-friendly ways to recharge your mind and body.

50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money



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